The world is poised at the cusp of a green energy revolution, where renewable energy sources are replacing traditional sources of energy, such as oil and gas. One of the major shifts taking place is the replacement of vehicles that run on fuel to zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs).

These EVs require powerful batteries that are made of critical materials that include:





Graphite (Carbon Allotrope)


(Carbon Allotrope)





EV Battery

Graphite makes up more than half of the battery’s components, and for EV batteries to be sufficiently powerful to run vehicles, the graphite used for the battery’s anode has to be high-quality, with a highly crystalline structure.

Focus Graphite is developing two of the highest quality graphite projects in the world.

They are located in the province of Quebec, Canada, a top-rated mining jurisdiction where government has invested in infrastructure such as roads and low-cost hydroelectricity that make remote mine sites easier and cheaper to access and operate.

More than two-thirds of the battery-grade graphite available today comes from China, and there are no graphite mines at all currently in operation in the United States. North America needs a secure source of large-flake graphite – and Focus Graphite plans to be that source.

We seek to play a key role in supplying the materials needed for today’s green energy revolution.

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