Focus’ graphite properties are located in the Canadian province of Quebec, a favourable jurisdiction for the advancement and facilitation of mining projects.

The Quebec government views itself as a partner in the development of these resources, and the province’s extensive power and transportation infrastructure eases the costs associated with development.

In October 2020, the Government of Quebec unveiled its plan for the development of critical and strategic minerals (CSM) for 2020-2025. The plan outlines several government programs to encourage the production of materials needed for renewable energy, transport electrification, and advanced technologies. Among these initiatives is a financial assistance program for exploration projects for critical and strategic materials, such as graphite. By encouraging the production of CSMs in its jurisdiction, Quebec aims to create sustainable wealth and position itself as a leader on the economic world stage.

More than two-thirds of the battery-grade graphite available today comes from China, and there are no graphite mines currently in operation in the United States. North America needs a secure source of large-flake graphite – and Focus Graphite plans to be that source.